The Best Restaurants In Lima – A Guide For The 1st Time Visitor

In this world’s greatest gourmet city confounds a simple challenge that foodies could spend all night fighting over. The city, associated with haute cuisine has been taking the gastronomic world by storm and has become the epicentre of an increasingly acclaimed culinary renaissance because of the fine dining restaurants in Lima that have been springing up recently.

restaurants in lima

Trained from some of the top culinary schools around the globe, young chefs have returned to Peru applying their new skills and techniques to the vast pool of traditional Andean recipes.

El Señorio del Sulco

Address – Malecón Cisneros 1470, Miraflores 15074, Peru

Situated on an ultimate location on Lima’s Malecon is this cliff top boulevard. This is one of the restaurants in Lima that is famed for its coastal tradition that blends Spanish and native influences.

Make sure to visit empty stomach for you have to have the scrumptious traditional recipes such as ají de gallina, or beef huatia cooked slowly burying the meat with large stones taken from a fire as in a pre-Colombian technique.

Astrid & Gastón

Address – Av. Paz Soldan 290, San Isidro 15073, Peru

Decorated in modern, minimalist style is the restaurant set in a spacious 17th Century palacio. No listing of Lima’s top restaurants is complete without an eatery that lead Peru’s gastronomic rebirth. Run by the chef Gastón Acurio and once named the world’s best pastry chef Astrid Gutsche Acurio remains the leader of contemporary Peruvian cuisine.

Having championed the country’s rich tradition of home cooking with a twist of haute cuisine, today the restaurant flourishes on an international stage. Make a visit and hop on a brisk journey across Peru’s exhilarating history and geography.

La Picanteria

Address – Surquillo, Sta Rosa 388, Cercado de Lima, Peru

Another one making to the top of the list, this is one of the restaurants in Lima offering a gamut of cuisine from Arequipa, a city nestled in the southern Andean foothills. Open only for lunch their “picanterias,” are a way of life serving dishes ranging from seafood to the meaty, especially chicharron, aka fried pork.

Some other top picks to look out for include the beef ribs, a crab parihuela and the rocoto en chupe.


Address – Tahiti 175, La Molina 15026, Peru

Started out as an exclusive butcher’s shop, today is the specialist in all things beef and it would be injustice to call this an upscale steakhouse. For up to three months the place had been a get together spot for Renzo Garibaldi friends to enjoy a private grill around the carving table.

Plan your visit months before and you could book a table with the chef. Saving visitors from a trek to the original eatery in La Molina, Garibaldi has come up with a second branch in the central district of San Isidro.


Address – Av Camino Real 101, San Isidro 15073, Peru

Malabar is highly rated locale, run by Pedro Miguel Schiaffino, a chef particularly known for his use of exotic ingredients from the Amazon. Should you be in the mood for an aperitif before your meal the restaurant also houses a bar that’s amongst the world’s top 10.

These days the restaurant’s focus is towards offering casual cuisine, with a homely twist. The top picks includes dishes like smoked paiche served with black chili sauce and yucca puree and grilled octopus with lima beans and parmesan shavings.

Chez Wong

Address – Enrique León García 114, Cercado de Lima 15034, Peru

Started by Javier Wong out of his garage, today booking has to be made weeks in advance for his informal lunch-only restaurant in a not so fashion frenzy neighbourhood.

Wong is an owner cum sole Chef here and known for his own stripped down version of this Peruvian classic using a single fish with spices adding up to the flavours. With his true mastery he makes such a simple recipe utterly delicious. Besides this served at this eatery are seafood delights that are not bounded by any recipe but Chef’s mood.

On a trail through the finest of restaurants in Lima you will find some of the most delectable fine dines option along with the local culinary delights. And adding more to this is the fact that if lucky, you get to share your table with the very chef behind the setting of plate. And this could well be one of the reasons you should visit Peru.

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