47 Random Facts About Peru

Peru officially known as Republic of Peru is a western South American country. There are many engaging random facts about Peru which might shock as well as amaze you.

Why wait when we can start just now. So, let’s begin to learn about the many quirky and awesome random facts about Peru.

Random Facts About Peru


1. Machu Picchu, the famous Incan City was discovered in 1911 by explorer, professor and archaeologist Hiram Bingham.

2. The sacred city of Caral-supe, which is a few hours north of Lima, is supposed to be the oldest site occupied by humans discovered in the America.

3. In 1973, chili sauce and hot spices were banned from prison food because it was assumed that they might arouse sexual desires in the inmates.

4. Every weaving technique known by man today had been invented by the Peruvians around 3000 B.C.

5. Francisco Pizarro, the Spaniard conqueror who discovered Peru was the one who brought the first lidia bull for fighting to Lima, and the first bullfight happened in 1538.

6. In 1768, the permanent bullring in Lima was built which is the third-oldest bullring in the world.

7. In 1885, novel named ‘Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde’ was written by Robert Louis Stevenson only in six days and nights under the influence of “white wonder drug” of cocaine, which is distilled from the coca plant found in Peru.

8. In 2010, Mario Vargas Llosa, Peru’s most famous intellectual and novelist won the Nobel Prize in literature.


9. In 2013, Peru has been officially declared the world’s biggest producer of cocaine by the United Nations.

10. Peru is the sixth-largest producer of gold in the world.

11. Peru produces over 55 varieties of corn and are available in colors ranging from yellow to purple, white and black.

12. Peru has 3,500 distinct varieties of orchids, besides only 50% of the species have been identified as of yet.

13. Peru is the eighth-largest producer of coffee in the world as well as the fifth-largest producer of Arabica coffee beans.

14. Peru is known to have the highest sand dune in the world.

15. Peru’s Cotahuasi Canyon is known to be the deepest canyon in the world.

16. Peru has the world’s second-greatest catch of fish just after China.

17. 3,000 different varieties of Potato are grown in Peru.

Country Facts

18. The capital city of Peru is Lima as well as more than a quarter of Peru’s population live there.

19. Peru is known to contain the second largest area of the Amazon rainforest after Brazil.

20. The main language in Peru is Spanish however, many also speak the Inca language Quechua.

21. Peru shares borders with Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Chile and Bolivia.

22. 60% of the country is covered by Peruvian Amazon.

23. Machu Picchu is now considered as the New Seven Wonders of the World.

24. The Mysterious and alien looking Nasca Lines can be seen from the air over Peru.

25. The national tree of Peru is the Cinchona.


26. Peru is a multi-ethnic country, Amerindians constitute the majority of Peru’s population followed by Mestizos.

27. Currently, 65.3% of Peru’s population is between the age of 15-64.

28. Male to female ratio is 1:1.

29. The illiteracy rate in Peru is estimated at 7.1%.

cities in peru - cusco


30. Peru’s GDP is estimated at $219.115 billion.

31. Peru’s per capita income stands at is $6505.

32. Peru is the 48th largest economy in the world.

Other Random Facts About Peru

33. Guinea Pigs are a delicacy to eat in Peru.

34. In Peru one can hike up a Rainbow mountain.

35. The relationship status of a Native Quechua woman can be inferred by their hat.

36. Sometime back, Peru used to be the world leader in exporting bird droppings.

37. You can rock climb up to and sleep in the World’s First Hanging Lodge.

38. Quechua people live on the floating grass islands in the middle of Lake Titicaca.

39. Peruvian Coati Dung Coffee is the most expensive in the world.

40. There are 10 million alpacas in the world moreover three-quarters of them live in Peru.

41. The ugliest dog in the world is in Peru.

42. A Peruvian couple must enter a period of Servancy before they get married.

43. Camu-Camu fruit found in Peru, is one of the world’s best super foods.

44. Ancient Peruvians used to bury food along with their dead.

45. Alien Mummy Skulls have been found off the coast of Paracas, Peru.

46. Pink dolphins are found in Peru and you can also swim with them.

47. Floating restaurant and a swimming pool exists in the Peruvian Amazon River.

Peru is a beautiful country, shrouded with relics and mysteries of an ancient era. I definitely hope you have enjoyed reading these random facts about Peru. If yes, let me know in the comments below.

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